how to care

Hair Extensions After Care

Your new hair should look radiant, healthy and luxurious! And the best way to get the longest life out your new human hair extensions is to remember these tips! When caring for your new extensions it shouldn't be too different from caring for your own hair!

After Care Tips

* Before shampooing your extensions, detangle your hair from the ends to roots
* Always use your extension products advised by stylist
* Never tip your head forward when washing, always tilt your head back
* Pat your hair dry and squeeze gently
* Spray our product evenly into hair before brushing
* Separate hair to avoid matting then detangle hair gently with extension brush provided
* Then Blast the roots with a cool heat to dry bonds before styling
* No products should be used on extension bonds other than what has been recommended by the stylist


* Do not use wax or oils on or near your bonded areas
* When washing your hair do not massage or twist your hair and do not use red hot water
* Do not apply conditioner to the areas where the extensions are attached
* After washing do not roll or rub hair into the towel
* Do not twist or play with the seals as they may loosen
* Because the hair is already processed it is advisable not to tint, colour or perm
* Do not attempt to remover your hair extensions yourself
* Do not use hair products other than what stylist advised
* If you go to the swimming baths, coat your hair thoroughly with a mixture of water and conditioner and tie it back to help prevent the chlorine
* Wash thoroughly afterwards and apply a generous amount of conditioner