Indian Remy Hair − General Questions

Are hair extensions and weaves a short term trend?
While it may seem like a popular trend, hair extensions have been a common fashion accessory used by women world-wide for literally hundreds of years. Traditional wig making has been a European tradition for a very long time, however, due to price the human hair market has shifted more recently and Europe is no longer the epicenter of the industry. Indian hair has transformed the market by offering consumers a higher quality product at a more affordable price.
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Why Indian Remy Hair?
Indian remy hair is highly regarded in the hair industry primarily because of its flexibility, durability, and rich texture. Indian remy hair is naturally thick and full bodied, so it gives the best possible styling and installation options for extensions. The hair is also naturally dark, so it works very well with most braiding and weaving applications for women of color.
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Where does Indian hair come from?
Authentic Indian hair, as the name implies, comes from India. Because of the large Hindu population that practices Tonsure, there is a relatively large supply of human hair originating from India. Tonsure is the act of cutting the hair from the scalp of devotees as a symbol of their renunciation of worldly fashion and esteem. Ironically, the temples that collect this hair then auction the hair to local Indian companies who then process and sell it for its fashionable use. While some may question the ethics of this practice, the proceeds of the hair are invested in the local temple community. More importantly, this religious tradition has been going on long before the hair in India was actually sold. Devotees make a completely voluntary donation for personal and spiritually motivated reasons.
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What is Remy Indian hair (commonly known as cuticle hair)?
Virgin Indian Remy hair is widely considered to be the highest quality of human hair used for extensions and weaves. The term is used exclusively for hair which has maintained the outer cuticle layer, a key component of strong and healthy hair extensions. True Remy hair has the cuticle layer of the hair flowing in the same downward direction, the way it would occur naturally before the hair is cut. The cuticle layer is critically important when it comes to hair tangling, longevity, volume, and how luminously the hair shines. Click here to learn more about the science of healthy hair.
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What is Bulk Indian Hair?
Bulk hair is loose unwefted hair that is commonly used for braiding or to create unique hair extension styles. offers bulk hair on a special order basis.
What is a Weft and Wefted Hair?
Wefts serve the purpose of a binding matrix for hair. There are numerous type of wefts, but they all function by locking loose hair into a matrix that can be sewn or glued onto the scalp. There are two primary forms of wefts related to hair extensions, Hand Tied Wefts & Machine Wefts.
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What is the difference between a hand tied weft and a machine weft?
Choosing the right weft for your virgin Indian hair is very important. There are primarily two types of wefts used for human hair weaving: Machine Wefts & Hand Tied Wefts. A hand-tied weft uses a weaving method for human hair by which strands of hair are hand tied using a fine thread to the top row of the weft. Hand-tied wefts are thinner, more flexible, and generally considered to be a better weft than machine wefts since they are less prone to shedding and are less detectable than machine wefts. Hand tied wefts lay flatter on the head, which allows for a more natural look.

Machine wefts are made using an automated stitching process that sews the Indian hair onto a single and continuous track. For some stylists, machine wefts are the practical choice for installation as they are simpler to work with and also may be cut by bonding the end of the track. Indian hair on machine wefts, provide a wonderful way for customers new to Indian hair weaves to become acquainted with process. Contrary to uninformed opinions on the internet, the actual hair used with machine wefts is not lower quality. uses the same exact beautiful Indian Remy Hair for both our machine and hand tied wefts.
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Indian Remy Hair − Extensions & Weaves Questions

Can Wefts be Cut?
We strongly suggest not cutting hand tied wefts. It will lead to shedding and the weft may fall apart. Only very experienced stylists should attempt it and even then, without a proper bonding agent, the results may not last.

Machine wefts on the other hand may be cut as long as the ends are bonded. Because machine wefts are redundantly sewn on one track, they are designed to be cut for use in patterning the scalp. If your stylist does not have experience with hand tied wefts, then we recommend purchasing machine wefts.
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How much hair will I need?
When you buy weaving hair, the standard amount you receive is 4oz. per bundle. This amount doesn't change when you order longer hair (10 inches = 22 inches). Therefore, the longer the hair, the less hair you have to work with in regards to width.

How much you buy depends on how thick you want your hair. For a natural look with the 14-16 inches, 2 packs of hair will be enough for a full head weave. But If you want a little more thickness in the back, we suggest purchasing an additional pack, of which you will only use a portion, however, it is helpful to keep when going back to the stylist for regular maintenance. If however you are ordering 10 inch hair, then 1 bundle may be enough to complete the weave. We always recommend two bundles, both to ensure a complete weave and if there is left over, to be used for future maintenance.
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Can the hair be colored?
Indian hair can be professionally colored, however, we do not recommend coloring our pre-colored hair because it has already been processed. Double processing the hair will lead to premature shedding and dryness. We always suggest ordering our 100%  Indian Remy hair and allowing your stylist to custom color your hair. This way you know what you're getting while you are implementing your new style.
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Can the curly hair be straightened?
Yes, all of our curly and colored Indian hair can be straightened.
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How do you achieve the different hair textures?
. Our Virgin Indian hair is hair that has been treated only with steam and water vapor. No chemicals are used in the process of creating the various textures.
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How often should I wash my hair?
We recommend washing your hair at least once a week, but it is important that you not sleep on wet hair.
What products should I use on the hair?
When shampooing and conditioning the hair we recommend using products with a moisturizer. We sell products here on the website that are well suited for Indian hair.
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How long does this hair last?
The hair can last over 12 months assuming it was well installed and maintained. Maintenance also means visiting the stylist for periodic adjustments. Many of our clients use their hair numerous times over the course of a year because they change hair-styles frequently. The hair care be removed and reinstalled so long as your stylist exercises care and patience during the removal process. If you wear the weave full time, then we recommend getting replacements after 6 months. If you're concerned about cost, learn more about our Customer Loyalty program. You'll earn points on every purchase!
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Is there anything else I should know about the hair?
It is important to know that there are variations in the texture of all Virgin hair. Because the hair is Virgin, which means it is mostly untouched, it is only gently washed with low intensity shampoos and air dried before shipment. As such you may notice some variance in the lengths at the end, as well as some static build up from shipping. While there is a length variance, we guarantee the length to be equal to or above what you ordered within a margin of 10% (very precise). With regards to any static build up or atypical curl patterns, once you wash your new hair with a quality moisturizing shampoo and conditioner you'll see the radiance of the hair. We suggest using a protein enriched formula for the first washing.
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Indian Remy Hair − Colored Hair Questions

Most hair color disasters are due to the lack of understanding the basic hair coloring principles and how they apply to coloring hair. Read these FAQs to avoid making expensive mistakes with your new indian hair extension.

Why would I buy colored Indian hair from Isn't better to have the color done with my stylist?
This is a yes and no answer. Hair coloring is best executed when you're with your stylist since you'll have the opportunity to do a strand test and also you'll be able to see how the color truly looks in hand. The reason people order colored hair from us is that they know what they are getting. Our colors are incredibly consistent every time and so customers who have already worn our colors can expect the same result from future purchases. The best way to be sure if you've never ordered from us is to order a color swatch. Alternatively, we can custom color your Indian hair using our special order system. Click here to view colored hair options.
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Why is my colored hair not the color I saw online? It looks different.
Hair color is a very dynamic. Color, as we see it, is a reflection of light which comes off of the colored pigments in the hair at a certain wavelength. This reflection can differ based on the frequency and intensity of the light hitting the hair. That is why your hair color can look different in outdoor sunlight vs indoor fluorescent lighting. Looking at colors online is very deceiving. The reason is everybody's monitor is different and so is the software and hardware that are used to generate color on screen color. Therefore, to be sure of what you're getting you should order a color swatch from us. Click here to do so.
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What are the hair color levels?
Levels are the degree of lightness or darkness of a color that is reflected. Hair color is assigned a level number from 1 to 10 with 1 being black and 10 being the lightest blonde. So black reflects very little light and the lightest blonde reflects the most light. This system of levels applies to all colors and almost all brands of pigment. Click here to see our hair color chart.
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Should my stylist do anything different when coloring my Indian hair?
Indian hair is particularly good for coloring because of its composition, however, because of its strength it also likes to hold onto its pigmentation. Before coloring conduct a strand test. This is the safest way to experiment without ruining an expense hair piece or extensions. Always use a clarifying treatment to remove buildup in the hair before doing any coloring. With Indian hair and most hair, the ends are more porous than the rest. Apply color to the mid lengths and then to the ends. The stylist may also want to do this one section at a time.
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Can I recolor colored hair?
Bad idea! This will excessively dry the hair and it won't last!
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What is the difference between Remy Colored hair and Non-Remy Colored hair?
Remy colored Indian hair is the highest quality colored hair you can purchase. With the Remy colored hair the cuticle layer is completely intact and flowing in the same direction as all the hair. Non-remy colored hair may or may not have a full cuticle layer or if it does, it may not be flowing in the same direction. While the Remy colored hair is more expensive, if you plan on a long term style it is worth the extra money.
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Ordering & Building Questions

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards. You can use your credit card either on our web site checkout or with our Paypal checkout option. We also accept traditional Paypal transfers, Western Union, Moneygram, or Moneyorder.
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Why can't I pay with credit card for International orders?
. Due to significant amount of fraud from oversees orders we decided to suspend credit card payments. Because we cannot verify international credit cards, we can't be sure if it is a legitimate order. Please use Western Union, Moneybooks, or Paypal transfer for International orders.
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What is the guarantee when I order?
We guarantee our products for shedding, tangling, and consistency for a full 30 days. The only time we won't accept a return or exchange, is if the Hand Tied wefts have been cut or the hair has been colored. Otherwise doing an exchange or return with us is simple and fast.
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Why are there no refunds for cancelling special orders?
Because Special Orders are as the name implies special, they cost us significant shipping expense. These orders are sent directly from our India location just for you. So please be sure this is what you want before special ordering. We will accept an exchange if the product is defective.
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I didn't receive an order confirmation email, what do I do?
You should receive an order confirmation within a few minutes of ordering. If you didn't, please check your spam box. Often times these emails wind up in the spam box. If it isn't there, please call us Mon - Fri 9 am to 5 pm PST at 1-866-878-6883.
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I made a mistake and I'd like to exchange the hair, what do I do?
Please fill out the RMA form for your order. You can find this form by logging into your account and clicking on the order number. Once there, you'll see another button called RMA. When we receive your RMA we will send you further instructions to complete an Exchange.
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I'd like to return the product for a refund, what do I do?
Please fill out the RMA form for your order. You can find this form by logging into your account and clicking on the order number. Once there, you'll see another button called RMA. When we receive your RMA we will send you further instructions to complete a Refund.
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Why won't my discount coupon code work?
There are a number of reasons why a coupon may not work. The coupon may be expired, invalid, or already been used. Please check our active promotions page to see what is current. Also be sure you typed the coupon in correctly during checkout. If you are unsure then call us at 1-866-878-6883.
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How do I redeem a gift certificate?
A gift certificate is redeemed just like a coupon. During the checkout process you simply enter your gift certificate code and the order amount will be deducted from your balance. If you have credit remaining on the card, we'll send you an email notifying you of the amount and you're free to use the gift certificate again.
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